Paper Clips: February 2022

PAPER CLIPS by Elaine Corrington
Donationtimes Day, February 14

There are a lot of people throughout our lives whom we love spending time with, having families with, want to thank or inspire, only remember once or twice a year, and still like, but just move away from and start sending important holiday greetings and gifts.
The true stories of how Valentines’ Day started include a rather surprisingly horrifying set of circumstances having little to do with love and romance, and a lot of different resulting ideals. If you check your computer, you can study that history as deeply as you want to identify celebrations of giving you only do from wrong-thinking habits…or you can decide is a really good way of directing your efforts, energies, coins, love and joy to causes that are important to you or to your heart day recipients. Donationtime Day recipients- who are probably happy to get XXXXX’s and OOOOO’s AND notification that you have made a donation in their name to a cause of their choice, a favorite cause you share, a person in need may just think, “WOW!”
The typical cost of a true Valentine card, which often hits the garbage can in just a few days (except for those REALLY personalized, loving words you have not been able to say out loud) is very expensive these days. The candy (which doesn’t even last that long) is also far more pricey than it used to be. With a computer, you can create a unique one-of-a-kind-page, and include everybody you want to on the “In Honor Of” list for one donation or several different donations to causes that they enthusiastically support.
You will be happy, they will be happy, the causes or people you aid will be happy. In your loving computer “Donations in Honor Of “ letter, you do not have to say how much money if you don’t want to, because every donation helps, and some years are better than others for the amounts people can give.
The money that was saved by not purchasing cards will be well used elsewhere. The LOVE AND JOY will be felt, and the pride of the donation will be felt by all, whether the money was given to a family or person in great personal need at this moment, or to a worldwide organization that is committed to planet repair objectives or medical breakthroughs and follow-throughs.
Is this just a one-time idea, or can it be a forever right way to celebrate Donation Times Day?
Why don’t you try it, and see what all of your former Valentine card receivers have to say! Either way, Happy February 14. Next year you may go back to the old or on to the new!