Poetry by Mimi: February 2022


Is your cart chock full of groceries
But a man who’s on the line
Has a six-pack of his favorite
Beer, an avocado and a lime

Do you keep your back turned toward him
Truly paying him no mind
Or do you let him go ahead of you
That’s an act of being kind

When you’re entering a bank or store
And the person just ahead
Takes the time to hold the door for you
He could have let it close instead

You remember to express your thanks
But he says he didn’t mind
And that it was simply nothing
Just an act of being kind

It’s the month for giving Valentines
Showing feelings from the heart
And the beginning of a new year
Let’s give this one a good start

In this era of behavior that
Is far from being refined
Let’s make ourselves feel better
Doing acts that show we’re kind

Help a senior with a heavy load
Or aid someone who is blind
Enjoy the feeling of good will
Performing acts of being kind

– Mimi
February, 2022