Paper Clips: January 2022

By Elaine Corrington

January 2022

Oh PLEASE…A Sort of Happy New Year…
When you have lived a long time, you discover that “Happy New Year!” is not just something you say. For some people, it is said with a sense of history, personal expectations, some good luck along the way, finding actions and thoughts that can help others who have not had your good luck for the past years, and an amount of luck that makes you feel even more confident that the coming year can be good for you and those you love. You even try to include those who have been disgustingly contributory or celebratory to some of the bad things that came your way some of the time in an off year. There was enough good that remembering the year could make you happy and more available at times. Even in the face of horrific heart-breaking moments, you are aware that some bad luck teaches you how to re-observe and change to better luck, maybe not for yourself in the moment, but to help others who are traveling similar pathways to results that could be awful to pathways that may be better due to the resources and experiences you have learned about. Some of the most welcome support, advice in the moment, and creating some new years in the future, come from people who understand your pain and your possibilities, because they know it too. It may not be right away, but just about everybody I know has some of that history. Some people never do get those moments to feel like they can move forward. We often learn lessons we absolutely do not want to learn.
The past couple of years have, of course, been extremely challenging. It is hard to look and listen in any situation and feel like screeching out “Happy New Year!!!” to anyone. We can’t believe it. The effects of the hard and shared news for all of us are apparent and cautionary if we are paying attention: and how can we not? The good and joyful moments pale by what we see with our families and friends, our large and small communities, our heroes, our enemies, our leaders, our stars, our good thinkers, our creative students of life, and those who think differently. We begin to realize that participating in even small acts of companionship, humor, creativity, sweaty and thoughtful help– and recognition of the help of others– can allow us to begin to re-evaluate our responsibilities and options. Health, Wellness, and Wonders. How quickly might you be able to see a turn-around in those areas? Every single step you take in those areas allows you to maybe not look at this Happy New Year as a speedy done-deal, but as a time to remember later as the road not taken to regrettable consequences. Can we make it the road taken together for the Wonders, Health, Wellness that will make for a not-forgotten possibility for a Happy New Year and supportive future?
It’s a PLAN.