Paper Clips: June 2022

By Elaine Corrington
There Is More Than One Type Of Warmth In This Town!

June 2022

Here it is at the end of May, 2022, and nobody I have talked to has been complaining about the heat! How can this be?
We always have plenty to complain about, and are pretty darned good about doing it freely, openly, and with the appropriate facial restructuring and posture to magnify the accuracy and importance of the topic at hand.
Hats with ear coverings are gone. Sweatshirts, jackets, coats, heavy scarves, heavy slacks… all gone. Toes and fingers are visible. These are all signs that the complaint areas of the human brain that usually combine with wiping dripping heads and arms to magnify the dramatic change of season are back again.
Yes, it is gorgeous, yes, trees and plants are green and pop with bright colors, yes you can play sports and take walks, yes you are prompted to carry cold drinks with you and stay hydrated (healthy, huh?). No, you don’t have to cook hot meals, take showers that turn your skin red, put things around the bottoms of your shoes so you don’t slip, keep from going anyplace when it is not safe to walk or drive. You could even roller skate or parachute!
Spring. It’s a wonderful sounding word- and the dependable mark of the earth’s best assets and best varieties of living on the right planet among the millions we can eliminate from that list. What’s to complain about? The heat.
We are so good at complaining- and the dramatic end of winter complaining always had its own cure. IT’S TOOOOO HOT!
I am not seeing or hearing about how it is too hot. I feel like I want to barf, my summer clothes are not fitting, I am out of paper towels, it is too hot to move, the flowers need watering again, it is too hot to do anything, my air conditioner is not working, I wish it was winter again.
But wait…

Could it be that the past couple of years with the world-wide pandemics and the world-wide political horrors, and the world-wide climate changes have led us to a point where we are looking out for our neighbors near and far… and not complaining about the heat visibly or verbally?
Will this go beyond one season? Will history record June, 2022 as the magical termination of COMPLAINT? Will kind actions, smiles, appreciation of change, community growth and support for all who need it, replace what was our past reality?
So much that we see and experience in Hurleyville nowadays support that possibility…
Not that I am complaining.