Sixth Anniversary of Little Free Library: June 2022

Hurleyville’s Little Free Library Celebrates
Sixth Anniversary in July will Include New Location
by Elaine Corrington

HURLEYVILLE, June 2022 — Doesn’t anything ever change in this town? Have things remained basically the same throughout its long history?
Well, as a matter of fact, some things do change. There have now been two locations for Hurleyville’s Little Free Library, that landmark bit of architecture, enlightenment, fun, and free learning- and the second location moved around a tiny bit as the land required some redefining. Now, six years in, it is time for the next step into the future for this now landmark institution.
Thanks to a generous design and building project taken on by staff and residents at The Center for Discovery’s Wheel Kitchen on Main- something different and wonderful is now being designed for the library, and it will soon be located in a new location.
WHERE will it be?
Well, you are going to have to look for the newer version of this landmark! Start to look around and figure out where it is going to be. Will it be a former location? Will it be hard to find? Will it make it necessary to move the landmark again?
Are these supposed to be hints? For sure!
The original Book Barn will still be used, but two brand new handmade Book Barns are being added. One will house just children’s books, and one will have books for school-age readers. The third will be devoted to polite GROANIN’Ups!
Will you be watching for this new development? Would there possibly be a surprise in store if you find it? Can you find a book or two to share with others? And… what day will the change happen? Read The Sentinel’s next edition to find out!