Poetry by Mimi: January 2022


He spoke quietly until his footsteps reached the pulpit
He walked gently until he strode across the Edmund Pettus Bridge
He learned about how to interact with others
For example, how Mahatma Gandhi lived

He was very much an admired leader
Who fought valiantly to gain some equal rights
The work he took on kept the candle burning
Or the lamp’s light that burned morning, noon and night

He smiled meekly when he met someone in person
Shook hands firmly and exuded divine grace
Just before his last night living he preached soulfully
And his voice rang out like thunder in that place

He described the dream he had about the mountain
Its top was truly in his sight
We’re left knowing that he wanted change sincerely
Lost his life as he fought for equal rights

– Mimi
January, 2022