Poetry by Mimi: November 2020

Poetry by Mimi

The table’s set and ready
And the food looks so delish
Before we raise our forks and knives
We say grace or make a wish.

A platter has the turkey
With a drumstick on each side
And a green bean casserole
With crispy onions that were fried.

There might be some mashed potatoes
Depends on your family’s taste
A chicken or a honeyed-ham
Never eat this meal in haste.

How about another veggie
Carrots, peas or candied yams?
And a salad with crisp lettuce
Or a dressing (stuffing) made with clams.

With the meal, the drinks are
Eggnog, different sodas, wine and beer
Many family spats forgotten
Only words of toasts and cheer.

There’s still a tiny section open in our stomachs
We can’t lie
Bread pudding or a brownie,
A piece of cake or apple pie.

The scoops of ice cream glisten
As they begin to melt
And we settle in for comfort
So all loosen up their belts.

If you’re sitting round a table
This year you have been blessed
If you’ve lost someone beloved
Let’s pray for their peaceful rest.

– November, 2020