Poetry by Mimi: August 2021


The “flavors of greens”
That’s how she described it
All the shades of the shrubs and the trees
Along the Rail Trail one could imagine
A barrel of green beans or peas
The lighter greens conjured up bunches of lettuce
Or maybe robust stalks of leeks
And mosses dampened by puddles of mud
Might help you envision seaweed
Is the flavor of spinach or collards
Beginning to dance on your mouth?
Or might you be thinking of kale chips
That you eat for a snack on your couch?

One could really have made a big salad
From the greens that this poem talked about
But the one lovely veggie
That won’t enter her mind
It’s the one that she hates
… Brussel sprouts!

– Mimi
August, 2021